New River Auto Glass Repair vs. Auto Glass Replacement


Your auto glass is a substantial structural factor!

Auto glass is intended and produced for security in case of accident; they stay intact during collision due to laminated security auto glass (two pieces of auto glass with a layer of vinyl between). However,New River Auto Glass Repair vs. Auto Glass Replacement Articles if weakened due to injury, it will not provide optimal protection when an accident occurs! Learn the difference between needing auto glass repair and a windshield replacement!


in accordance to a parking lot survey involving 13 major cities, including Phoenix, AZ, the highest percentage of windshield replacements and auto glass repairs consists of stone breaks, followed by edge cracks, then floater cracks.

Stone Breaks – See “Star” or “Bulls-eye” picture below.

Edge Crack – Impact point located within two inches of the edge of the windshield. An edge crack is never the result of a stone break because it cracks almost immediately.

Floater Crack – A stone break which can be star, combination or bullseye, that has cracked due to exposure to severe temperature changes.


specifically, in Phoenix, Arizona, the survey revealed windshield replacements and auto glass repairs consisted of: 236 stone breaks, 15 floater cracks, 88 edge cracks and 12 vehicles with miscellaneous damage.


Cracks worthy of repairing are ones that are fairly clean. If the crack is less than one month old, and has not been driven in actually polluted or dirty areas, it can be repaired. otherwise, the windshield replacement technician will balance other factors to determine if the auto glass repair will be worth the time and expense. Multiple single cracks may not be worth repairing, depending on your situation.


Stress cracks – These occur naturally due to inherent uneven distribution of forces in the windshield. Typically, they have no point of impact and start from the edges. Repairing and restoring the original strength of the windshield would result in the re-formation of the crack.

If the auto glass chip or crack is larger than a dollar bill.

If you have damage to both auto glass layers or the inner auto glass layer.

In primary field of vision – Chips that are greater than a quarter in size with a center impact hole of greater than 3/16” and within 4” of another auto glass chip repair.

Your windshield has three or more long cracks – too much structural integrity has been compromised.

Breaks with visible impurities that cannot be removed – the debris may impede resin flow and complete filling of the cracks. It prevents quality auto glass repair and is visually distracting.

The optimal auto glass repair environment is under shade with luminescent light bulb overhead and windshield temperature around 72-74 degrees F, typically in a garage setting. Results are best when the chip or crack is new and clean, so don’t let those visible fractures go too long.

Say you can’t afford it or don’t have the time? Not an excuse – you shouldn’t have to pay a dime provided you have used auto parts comprehensive auto glass insurance coverage. And it only takes a few minutes for an auto glass repair or an hour for a windshield replacement with our Phoenix auto glass service!

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